Crown Zellerbach Trail Hike

Hike Distance: 3.7 miles

Elevation Gain: 79 feet

With the support of my wife I decided to give it another try for a short hike, despite my ankle issue.  I’m glad to say that the hike went very well with no pain on the way back to the TH.  I think that hiking in low top shoes made a difference in that my heel wasn’t being agitated when lifting my heel off the ground.  It actually felt like the ankle issue had dissipated by the end of the hike, which works for me, but we’ll see.

The Crown Zellerbach Trail is essentially an abandoned logging road that begins in Scappoose, OR and ends in Vernonia, OR.  We simply did a small section of the trail for this hike.  It was raining fairly hard on the way back to the car but we were well prepared with our rain gear.  We only saw a half dozen people on the trail. which made it an enjoyable time!