Frenchmen’s Bar Trail Hike

Hike Distance: 3.4 miles

Elevation Gain: 114 feet

Today I had a profound experience that helped put life in perspective. For the past few days I have been recovering from a procedure on my foot. I was able to go out for a short hike and enjoy the weather in the afternoon, and so went to Frenchmen’s Bar. The Columbia River was insanely high with much of the shoreline swallowed or eroded by water. Not being able to walk along the beach much, I decided to hike along a small dike on the north side of the park.

I came to an area where a large snag had fallen and broken up the ground. As I approached the chasm in the ground I noticed something move in the mud. I lost what moved for a second and then realized there was a duck buried in the mud, up to its neck! 😦 Was it just bad luck that the duck was there when the snag fell and the ground around the duck collapsed around it, or something even more odd? As I approached the duck it was clearly in distress but never uttered a sound. I first moved the larger mounds of dirt from around the area so that it wouldn’t collapse on it. I then found a large stick and proceeded to carefully dig it out from its prison. After moving and loosening the dirt from around the duck it was able to walk out from its trap. It appeared to have a leg issue, and I also wasn’t sure if a wing was damaged. However, it walked around me, and seemed to recover as it spread its wings a bit. I don’t know how long it was trapped, and what state it was really in, but it had enough energy to readily walk into the woods and out of site. I just stood watching it freely walk away and cried. I was meant to be there to help this trapped beautiful animal and free it from a horrible death.🙂 I messaged Carol E Stein when I got back to the car to share this profound event.