Columbia River Dike & Steigerwald Lake Wildlife Refuge Hike

Hike Distance: 7.2 miles

Elevation Gain: 396 feet

It started out as a cool and foggy day and then blossomed into one that was sunny and warmer!  It was a great day to take pictures as the clouds added a dramatic effect to the pictures.  There were plenty of people, for a week day, but there was still plenty of solitude.  The Columbia River water level was so high that Cottonwood Beach didn’t exist, literally.  It was a bit disturbing to see someone ignore the “Area Closed” sign along the trail.  I tried to kindly mention this to the person but she was very rude and looked at me with a grimace and then turned away in defiance.  Unfortunately, these are selfish disrespectful people that defy regulations to preserve the wildlife and scenic beauty, and ruin great areas for everyone. 😦  This area along the dike is plagued by people like this, and there is no enforcement of the regulations.

The day ended with clouds rolling in and the temperature dropping substantially.  A great day to be outside and enjoy the fresh air.

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