Yelm to Tenino Trail Hike

Hike Distance: 8.3 miles

Elevation Gain: 401 feet

This trail is a long drive from our house but is fun to hike.  Since the trail is paved it tends to be a bit harsh on the back, so we typically don’t go for long distances on it.  I’ve been avoiding too much elevation and this rails-to-trails hike fit the bill.  I wanted to finish this 21.5 mile trail so we started at the terminus in Yelm to accomplish this task.  It started out as a mostly sunny day and ended up cloudy.  The further out from Yelm we hiked the less people were on the trail.  A very nice day, and we finally finished the entire length after this hike!  This hike also marked the countdown to having less than 100 miles to reach 10,000 miles!