Salmon Creek Greenway Hike

Hike Distance: 10.6 miles

Elevation Gain: 628 feet

I’ve been fighting a cold and low grade fever the past few days and was finally able to get outside again.  I got out late and decided to stay close to home, so I drove the several blocks to the Salmon Creek Greenway.  I’m getting very close to a major mileage milestone of 10,000 miles, so I’ll probably be pushing myself to get there quickly.  I’ve been wanting to achieve this milestone for years and now it’s getting close to a reality.

It was rainy and quite chilly for the entire hike but I was dressed appropriately and was comfortable.  Salmon Creek has had quite a high flow rate due to all the rain, and the flood plains on the west end of the trail looked like large swamps.  This abundance of still water brought with it plenty of birds, which is always enjoyable to see!

To get the distance I covered most of the trail from east to west, with the addition of some spur trails.  A very enjoyable day, but I was quite tired as I’m still getting over this cold.

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