Deschutes River Trail Hike for 10,000 Miles Milestone

10,000+ miles of hiking and counting!!! Today, at the Deschutes River Trail I finally broke through this milestone. It took me 8 years, 9 months and 22 days to reach this milestone. My lifetime goal is 25,000 miles but this is a significant step toward completing it. Here are the stats:

Total Lifetime Miles: 10,004.90
Total Lifetime Elevation: 1,606,714 vertical feet (304 miles)
Total # of Hikes: 1323
% of Lifetime Goal: 40.178%

Carol E Stein and Joshua Stein were with me to help celebrate this event. I want to thank Carol for being my hiking partner and doing most of the driving to the trailhead’s. We have probably driven over 200,000 miles to get to all these hikes. We have had two incidences where the cars had to be towed out of the national forest after it got stuck or broke down. Unfortunately, we have also hit, and killed, one deer when it stepped out into the highway during twilight.

Other interesting things is that I’ve never missed a full week of hiking in the almost nine years. Also, every hike included a new trail segment that had never been done before.

I’ll be posting this info on Oregon Hikers in the next couple days for anyone interested?

It was a fantastic day on the Deschutes River Trail and the weather turned sunny and warm later in the day. There were plenty of bike riders and hikers but we felt alone most of the time.

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