Coyote Wall Loop Hike

Hike Distance: 6.7 miles

Elevation Gain: 1683 feet

You couldn’t have picked a better day to hike the Coyote Wall area, on the eastern side of the Cascade Mts.  Unfortunately, everbody felt that way, and the parking areas were only along Hwy 14.  That said, it was worth the crowds to get out in the sunny cool weather to experience the beginning of the flower season.

We fully expected the crowds but were fairly irritated by the dogs that weren’t on leash.  You would have thought this was a dog park by the number of dogs running freely all over the terrain.  Mind you, we have a dog, and I’m not against them, but it’s so rude to assume everyone is comfortable with them off leash and interacting with hikers, mountain bikers and other dogs.

Thankfully, despite the crowd, there were still some areas where solitude could still be had.  What’s more important is that the scenery was spectacular!  We didn’t have a long hike but it was a positive sign that my ankle and knee didn’t have any issues with all the elevation gain/loss that we did.


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