Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge Hike

Hike Distance: 2.1 miles

Elevation Gain: 366 feet

I’m having severe pain in my right shoulder and have gone to urgent care for help.  No solution but the Dr. thinks it’s tendinitis.  Second worst debilitating pain I’ve ever had. 😦

We decided to get out for some fresh air for a short hike at the Ridgefield wildlife refuge late in the day.  Short but fantastic hike.  Water level is extremely high and the vast areas that normally contain grasses are filled with water.  The trail was cutoff by water in some places so we cut the hike a bit short.  Amazing clouds made for great pictures.

Columbia Hills Flower Season Hike

Hike Distance: 9.3 miles

Elevation Gain: 1684 feet

A great hike on Saturday at the Columbia Hills state park to see the wildflowers. The weather was beautiful and the flower display awesome!  Unfortunately, the day ended with a small kink in my shoulder that is too painful to even move my entire right arm. I was fortunate to get an appointment at the OHSU orthopedics department tomorrow. We’ll see what happens? A tough year for injuries.;(

Lacamas Creek Park Hike

Hike Distance: 6.3 miles

Elevation Gain: 1036 feet

I decided to go back and check out the status of the lily loop nature area.  The lilies are blooming in larger quantities but it still isn’t peak.  That said, there was still a wonderful display of flowers and well worth the visit.  I was also surprised to see a bunch of poison oak.  A truly wonderful day with very few people on the trail.

Vancouver Lake Area Hike

Hike Distance: 5.6 miles

Elevation Gain: 153 feet

I got out of the house late so stayed close to home.    Plenty of clouds made for nice pictures.   It rained briefly earlier in the hike but then turned partly cloudy.

I had a strange experience towards the end of the north side trail.    I bumped into older teens that were shooting pellet guns on the trail.  I tried to be nice but informed them that target shooting wasn’t allowed in the park.  The guy was very respectful and they left promptly after talking with me.  Still, an odd situation to experience in a county park.