Olympic Discovery Trail Hike Sequim Bay State Park Towards Sequim

Hike Distance: 7.4 miles

Elevation Gain: 696 feet

This was the first day of our five day vacation to the Olympic Peninsula.  We decided to stay in the city of Sequim this time, as opposed to Port Angeles or Forks.  We started our drive on the late side so we decided to stay close to town for our hike.  We’ve known about the Olympic Discovery Trail and decided to give the section between Sequim Bay State Park and the city of Sequim a try.

At first I wanted to head SE  on the Discovery Trail but it was closed due to construction. 😦  It was obvious that a new steel bridge had just been installed but wasn’t ready for use.  We then headed north on this paved trail and walked through some forested areas and over a couple of trestles.  The Johnson Creek trestle was very impressive and we spent some time looking over the edge and taking a few pictures.  The closer we got to Sequim the more out in the open, and closer to the highway, the trail became.

This was a nice hike close to Sequim, and it fit the bill for what we wanted today!

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