Sol Duc Falls & Beyond Hike

Hike Distance: 5.5 miles

Elevation Gain: 873 feet

I had wanted to visit the Hoh Trail today but didn’t realize just how far it was from Sequim.  A better location to reach the west side of the Olympic Mts. would be from Forks, so we will wait for another vacation to visit the Hoh area.

Although the Sol Duc area is fantastic, we had been concerned about the snow since this was a particularly wet and cold winter.  This area is also quite crowded, due to accessibility, and can be a zoo during the vacation season.  There were many people hiking to Sol Duc Falls but we were fortunate in that there were fewer hikers and their primary destination was the falls.  The Sol Duc River and Falls were spectacular with heavy water flow.  I could have stood on the bridge overlooking the falls for hours, but we wanted to get away from the other people that were headed this way.

My wife was also ecstatic when she saw her coworker Katie Cook & Family standing on the bridge above the falls.  We had a very nice time talking with them! 🙂

After visiting the falls we took the Deer Lake Trail, but were stopped by snow.  Unfortunately, we were not prepared with micro-spikes to walk on the white stuff.  There were no other hikers on the Deer Lake Trail.  We then turned around and headed out on the Seven Lakes Basin Trail, but were again stopped by snow.  Again, no people on this trail.

Although this was a short hike for us, it was a fantastic hike with so many positive experiences. 🙂

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