Dalles Mt. Ranch and Columbia Hills Hike

Hike Distance: 6.3 miles

Elevation Gain: 836 feet

We went to check out the status of blooming flowers at the Columbia Hills State Park, so we drove out to the Dalles Mt. Ranch and went for a nice loop hike. The balsamroot probably needs another two weeks before the hills are painted, but there were some beautiful early bloomers!  Many of the smaller flowers were out and were so nice to see! Although the Coyote Wall area was packed, this area was not crowded.; but it will be in the next weeks.We’ll probably be back in a couple weeks to hike to Stacker Butte, which avoids the major crowds of the lower elevations. This hike was particularly nice as it was the first time I didn’t wear an ankle brace, and I had no major issues.  A really nice day that started out cool with some wind and then turned warmer with little wind.

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