Bonneville TH to PCT past Gillette Lake Hike

Hike Distance: 6.7 miles

Elevation Gain: 1337 feet

We decided to venture out to the PCT from the Bonneville TH. As you’d expect, the TH parking was overflowing. Surprisingly, most of the hikers/backpackers we talked with had a destination of Gillette Lake, and not the more scenic Table Mt. summit. Once we passed Gillette Lake the number of hikers thinned out. A real highlight of this hike was bumping into hikers with the trail names “Lint” and “The Reverend”. They were only out on a day hike but we talked with them for quite a while. Lint is a long distance hiker (averages 30-40 miles per day) that has completed the triple crown (PCT, AT and CDT – about 8000 miles total) THREE times!! He has tattoos all over his body for all the trails he has completed, and he made sure to show us many of them (I’m not personally a tattoo person and wouldn’t get one). His goal is to reach 30,000 miles of National Scenic Trails before he reaches his 40th birthday this December, and he’s already over 29,000 miles! I could have talked with them for hours, but felt fortunate to even bump into these legends. ¬† ¬†Another amazing day on the trail.