PCT Hike North From Panther Creek

Hike Distance: 8.2 miles        Yearly Hike Distance: 791.8 miles

Elevation Gain: 1741 feet      Yearly Elevation Gain: 75830 feet

A beautiful sunny day that started out a bit warm.  We parked in the Panther Creek area, just off NF-65, where it intersects the PCT.  We headed north on the PCT from this location, and quickly crossed a nice bridge over Wind River.  The river is just so amazing from the bridge.  Once crossing the bridge the trail continuously climbed for most of the next four miles of our hike.

We spent a huge amount of time clearing the trail by removing fallen debris and cutting branches that had drooped across the trail.  We bumped into our first PCT section hikers and had a conversation with three very nice women.  We talked a while but they needed to go and so we wished them well.

As we ascended the trail the temperature cooled down and the winds picked up.  This helped cool us down, which was a pleasure.  There were a couple very nice viewpoints along the way, so we stopped to enjoy the view and take pictures.  We also found there were quite a few flowers in these open areas that had a view.

We ended up stopping, at about four miles out, just prior to a known camping area.  It was such a wonderful day, and I didn’t want to leave!

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