PCT Trail Angel Hike Bunker Hill to Sedum Ridge

Hike Distance: 8.1 miles        Yearly Hike Distance: 950.6 miles

Elevation Gain: 1299 feet      Yearly Elevation Gain: 1000548 feet

Deciding upon providing trail magic on the PCT we set out for Trout Creek, where there is a small parking area from which to begin our hike.

My wife (Care Package) and I (Mileage Mike) went out again, to provide trail magic, on the PCT between Bunker Hill and Sedum Ridge in southern WA state. We cleaned up the trail a bit as we ascended up towards Sedum Ridge and stopped for a snack before turning around. Just before we were about to turn around, here comes some thru-hikers!  The first two we met were Cheddar and Cruise! The second two we met were Stretch and Bubbles! Both groups had travelled together to the Bridge of the Gods from being on the Oregon Coast Trail. Great people to talk with, and we handed out Oreo’s and Starbucks Via coffee packets. We wished them a fun and safe journey.  We also saw several other small section PCT backpackers that were out in the great weather.