PCT Trail Angel Hike North Into Indian Heaven Wilderness

Hike Distance: 10,5 miles      Yearly Hike Distance: 1166.4 miles

Elevation Gain: 1852 feet      Yearly Elevation Gain: 123610 feet

It started out as a wonderful day providing trail magic in the southern end of Indian Heaven Wilderness! My wife and I met 14 wonderful thru-hikers and many section hikers and backpackers. Unfortunately, at about 5pm, some thru-hikers and us noticed a large plume rising near the Columbia River Gorge! The Eagle Creek area, in Oregon, now has two fires! The news has indicated that there are upwards 140 hikers, trapped between two different fires, that need to be evacuated!   My understanding (and please confirm for yourselves) is that firefighters are with the hikers, and they’re not sure if evacuation can occur until morning. Obviously, the PCT has been closed in that area. We pray for everyone’s safe evacuation!

The wildfire picture was taken in the Columbia River Gorge, near Bonneville WA, as we were heading home.  This is the fire that caused the plume that we saw from Indian Heaven Wilderness!

Unfortunately, a human caused wildfire was started near East Crater, in Indian Heaven Wilderness, the next morning.  All these people we met were evacuated from the wilderness!:(   Thankfully, they all got out safely. 🙂  As of today, 9/29/2017, the wildfires were extinguished (but still smoldering) about two weeks ago during a week of heavy rain.  Unfortunately, Indian Heaven Wilderness is closed for the remainder of the Fall. 😦