Vancouver Lake & Frenchmen’s Bar Trails Hike

Hike Distance: 7.0 miles      Yearly Hike Distance: 1795.8 miles

Elevation Gain: 419 feet      Yearly Elevation Gain: 202535 feet

A cold and overcast day in the Vancouver Lake and Frenchmen’s Bar Trail area.  We were chilled by the cold air, and slight breeze, at the beginning of the hike, but warmed up after hiking a bit.

From the Vancouver Lake parking area we headed towards the North Trail and bumped into a gentleman that was watching a juvenile bald eagle!  The bald eagle wasn’t deterred by his dogs and proudly posed for a picture.  Such a majestic and beautiful bird of prey!  This forested area had a coating of what looked like snow but had turned into a white frozen landscape.  I love the look of winter in the forest.

At the end of the North Trail we turned west and headed towards a bridge that spans a channel.  We didn’t cross, since it was icy, but took pictures of the reflections in the water.  The sun peeked out and created a nice reflection in the water, and I was glad to be there for this photo. 🙂

We headed back toward the Vancouver Lake parking area and then turned toward the shoreline.  We could vaguely see Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Hood.  Mt. St. Helens had been illuminated by a break in the clouds, for a short time, and I snapped the photo.  The muted pink horizon was spectacular for pictures!

We next headed out on the Frenchmen’s Bar trail.   The Frenchmen’s Bar trail gave us great photo opportunities for the large flocks of geese!  It was so noisy as thousands of birds routinely come here for the winter.  We stopped midway through this trail, at a viewpoint of the Columbia River.  There was a spectacular view here, and we took pictures with our phone and camera.  We even saw a kayak er head out on the Columbia.

My last goal this year is trying to surpass 1800 miles for the calendar year and I’m excited about getting close today.  If everything works out then tomorrow will be the day this can be accomplished.  I’ll probably throttle back for the remainder of the year since my son is at home for the holiday’s and is still having ankle issues.  I’m trying to convince him to go on a couple of very short walks but he’s just not sure.  I definitely won’t push him but want to get him outside, if even to look at some waterfalls or sit near a river and gaze out at nature.

Such a wonderful day to be out in an awesome area!

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