Battleground Lake State Park Hike

Hike Distance: 4.0 miles      Yearly Hike Distance: 1809.6 miles

Elevation Gain: 561 feet      Yearly Elevation Gain: 203978 feet

Well, it appears this was the last hike of the year for us!  It’s been quite the roller-coaster with so many health issues, and a couple of procedures.  My ankle giving out, and taking  about 7 months to fully heal, made the biggest impact on my stats.  I’m actually quite pleased with all the accomplishments, considering the circumstances. 🙂  The final tally for this year is as follows:

2017 Total Hikes:  259

2017 Hike Distance:  1809.6 miles  (average 6.99 miles/hike)

2017 Total Elevation Gain:  203,978 feet  (average 788 feet/hike)

Lifetime Hikes:  1532  (since 2008)

Lifetime Hike Distance:  11,465.10  (since 2008)

Lifetime Elevation Gain:  1,785,608 feet  (since 2008)

% of Lifetime Distance Goal:  45.86%  (This will obviously change after 25,000 miles is reached!)

The chart below shows how this year stacks up against previous years, and there’s no complaints here!

Hiking Stats Chart


On to today’s hike.  My son opted to join us on this hike so we kept the distance to a manageable length.  There were plenty of people fishing in Battleground Lake but the trail system was fairly empty ( a couple runners with dogs).  It was definitely warmer, and we were overdressed and sweating.  The trail system had plenty of muddy spots but they were mostly avoidable.

We had a great leisurely hike and it was a great way to finish up the year.  I’m very glad our son could join us on this hike!

A happy New Year to everyone and wishing you a great year with plenty of time enjoying the outdoors! 🙂

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