Day 4 Spring Vacation – Deschutes River Trail Hike South from Lava Island TH

Hike Distance: 8.2 miles      Yearly Hike Distance: 545.4 miles

Elevation Gain: 605 feet      Yearly Elevation Gain: 71507 feet

This trail is new to us and we ended up going there on a whim.  All I can say is that this trail took us by surprise and offered a great trail system with extensive and fantastic view of the Deschutes River!  There were plenty of lava features, rapids, a waterfall and a great trail system.

I should mention that we took a quick drive to the Mt. Bachelor Ski area to see the status of the snow there.  There were low clouds so we never saw the tops of any peaks.  There was still plenty of snow but it seemed a bit low, to me, for this time of year.  I included a couple of pictures there.

It turns out that the Deschutes River Trail is over 12 miles long!  It also turns out that there are three trails that extend along this distance; one for hiking, biking and horse back riding (per literature I read).  This trail is in close proximity to Bend, OR is very and evidently access is available almost year round.  Although the crowds weren’t excessive while we were on the trail, it is a crowded trail system according to the forest service literature, and I can understand why.

We met an interesting gentlemen named Chuck and had the pleasure of walking and talking with him during our entire 4 mile outbound hike.  We found that we had so much in common when talking about our hiking adventures and about many other topics.  Such great conversation and we wish him well on his journey, and perhaps we’ll meet or hear from him again.

At the end of our hike we had planned to drive to Sisters, OR to enjoy that great Italian food at the R Spot restaurant.  The food was just as excellent on this night as it was the first time!  There were many more people there this time but the wait wasn’t very long.  We also had a great conversation with the restaurant owner and he is such a wonderful person.  Definitely worth stopping here if you get a chance, in our opinion.

We so enjoyed this hike that we plan to come back and complete the trail, but at a time when it’s likely to be less crowded.  It’s definitely worth coming here to view such exceptional scenery. 🙂

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