Forest Road Hike

Hike Distance: 8.3 miles         Yearly Hike Distance: 863.0 miles

Elevation Gain: 1769 feet      Yearly Elevation Gain: 113310 feet

A nice day for a hike and I pushed the elevation gain today.  Plenty of nice mountain views and many flowers to photograph.  Also plenty of solitude!

Forest Road Hike

Hike Distance: 8.8 miles      Yearly Hike Distance: 854.7 miles

Elevation Gain: 1151 feet      Yearly Elevation Gain: 111541 feet

It started out on the cold side and was very cloudy.  I had to put on a jacket as I wasn’t dressed warmly enough.  I walked a long way and found plenty of roads that went off in different directions, but didn’t have the time to explore where they went.

As I’ve been seeing, there are plenty of Iris flowers in the grassy meadows, but they’re starting to wilt.  Not many other flowers in the area I walked.

By the end of the day the sun was occasionally peaking out, and it turned much warmer.  A very pleasant day!

Forest Road Hike

Hike Distance: 7.0 miles         Yearly Hike Distance: 845.9 miles

Elevation Gain: 1089 feet      Yearly Elevation Gain: 110390 feet

A nice day but with limited time to go for a hike.  I decided to take my wife to an area I hiked last week that had a large number of Irises flowering.  They were still in full bloom and just as beautiful!  A short but sweet hike. 🙂

Forest Road Hike

Hike Distance: 8.8 miles      Yearly Hike Distance: 838.9 miles

Elevation Gain: 869 feet      Yearly Elevation Gain: 109301 feet

Yet another forest road hike, but they actually work out well since there are typically NO people and few cars on these roads.  We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day, although it was very warm in the sun.  Under the canopy it felt very cool though.

We tried do a loop hike but when we came to what should be a bridge over a creek there was nothing but profuse vegetation.  We tried to get through this thick vegetation but were unsuccessful, and were concerned about twisting ankles or falling.  I did get caught in some blackberry vines, and they certainly hurt.  We turned around and simply made this an out-and-back hike as a result.

The Foxglove flowers were also starting to bloom and their colors are gorgeous.  The colors range from purple to white to pink.  Such a delight to see these flowers in bloom. 🙂

The last amazing sight was when we stepped into an opening and came upon a spectacular view of Mt. Rainier!  Always snow covered and majestic.  At over 14,000 feet in elevation, it can be seen for long distances on a clear day.  Mt. Rainier National Park is a great place to visit if you have the chance, and it’s highly recommended.

Twin Lakes Loop Hike Via PCT

Hike Distance: 8.0 miles      Yearly Hike Distance: 830.1 miles

Elevation Gain: 1252 feet      Yearly Elevation Gain: 108432 feet

So my son was in town and wanted to hike somewhere close to Mt. Hood.  The Twin Lakes Loop is a tried and true amazing hike, so we headed out to the Frog Lake parking area.  There were plenty of cars but it wasn’t insanely crowded, as it usually is.  Perhaps the questionable weather held back many of the hikers/backpackers, but there were still plenty of each.  Is was a bit cold and windy so we put on our rain gear and some heavier undergarment to stay warm.

What I love about this loop hike is that there are two gorgeous lakes to visit and we also got to hike a small section of the PCT!  We headed out on the PCT and took a right, towards Lower Twin Lake, reaching this goal in about 2.5 miles.  It’s a beautiful hike but there were some hikers with dogs off-leash, and the dogs didn’t leave us alone, and were running all over the forest.  Sigh, we love the responsible dog owners and occasionally make nice comments about their dogs.

Lower Twin Lake is beautiful, and we stopped to soak in the view and take pictures.  It was surprising that there was only one group of backpackers camping in the area, but we did see some at Upper Twin Lake later.  Continuing our loop we headed counter-clockwise toward Upper Twin Lake.  The trail was now devoid of most hikers and our attitudes improved with all the solitude.

At Upper Twin Lake we saw some day hikers and backpackers.  The view from the lake is also exquisite, and, a view of Mt. Hood (peak only) can be seen in the background on a sunny day!  We didn’t stay long as we were moving slowly and needed to finish the loop early.  We continued on this loop and headed back to the PCT and also saw some remnants of snow (we were at 4500 feet of elevation).  We then took the PCT south back to the Frog Lake parking area.

This was such a wonderful hike and we will continue to hike it every year!