Storey Burn Loop Trail Hike from Rodgers Camp

Hike Distance: 9.5 miles       Yearly Hike Distance: 719.1 miles

Elevation Gain: 1731 feet      Yearly Elevation Gain: 95212 feet

We planned on hiking with our friends Keri and Tracy but weren’t sure where to go.  At the last moment Keri brought up the Storey Burn Loop Trail in the Tillamook State Forest.  We thought this was a great idea and agreed to meet them at the Rodgers Camp.

We started out the loop by crossing Hwy 6 and heading toward the Gales Creek Campground.  A quick look at Gales Creek from the bridge is always  beautiful.  We then headed up the Gales Creek Trail toward the intersection with the Storey Burn cutoff trail.  There are plenty of views of Gales Creek from the trail!  The cutoff trail is just over a nice bridge that crosses an unnamed creek.

The trail gains elevation from here and heads toward a parking lot where a mountain bike trail exists.  We stopped there and had some food and liquid.  It was a significant climb to get to the parking area and a rest was needed.  A disappointing part of this trail was a new clear-cut logout!  it looked horrible and covered hundreds of acres.  This area used to be very shaded and cool, but is now a visual eyesore.  Why Oregon is allowing logging so close to highly used multi-use recreational trails is a real disappointment. 😦  People don’t move to Oregon, or visit on vacation, to see the landscape horribly disfigured and damaged.  We did pass a small gorgeous waterfall in this area.  The waterfall was the highlight of this trail section!

We moved on and got some stunning views of nearby mountains.  Thankfully, minimal logging is going on there, at least at this point.  We continued moving in the SW direction until we came around started completing the loop by moving in a SW direction.  The trail goes under a very high bridge with a long span, and is very impressive.  Once past the bridge we moved into some lowlands and then turned NE and started ascending back to Rodgers Camp.

Such a gorgeous day with great friends made for a special day.  We were very sorry that Tracy was having stomach issues the entire day but indicated she wanted to complete the loop, and was still having a great day.  I personally would have turned back but she persevered and wouldn’t let it ruin the hike!  Thankfully, she felt fine the next day. 🙂



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