Forest Road Hike In Bell’s Mt. Area

Hike Distance: 7.3 miles         Yearly Hike Distance: 782.1 miles

Elevation Gain: 1863 feet      Yearly Elevation Gain: 103571 feet

The road in this area has quite large rock on the surface and twists the ankles and feet, which is why I don’t go here much.  That said, there are some very nice views to be had, which makes it worth the effort!  There’s a bit of elevation gain but it’s not too tough given its a road and meant for vehicles.

I saw a few flowering plants but not much is blooming up here.  I found the view of the valley very pleasing but the view was obstructed by air quality and/or fog.  Definitely a nice gloomy day (for the most part) to be out, and nobody else was seen there.  I did hear some animal foraging in the forest but never saw it.  It’s always a bit disturbing to hear something like that and not know what it is.

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