Surveyor Ridge Trail Hike

Hike Distance: 8.1 miles        Yearly Hike Distance: 946.1 miles

Elevation Gain: 1254 feet      Yearly Elevation Gain: 123346 feet

Surveyor Ridge is a nice ridge hike, on the east side of the Cascades, that serves up some fantastic views of the Hood River Valley and Mt. Hood.  It’s located at a nice elevation of about 4000 feet and is inaccessible in the winter.  You usually don’t want to go there too early in the spring because of large amounts of blowdown on the trail.

We decided to go there anyway despite not knowing the trail conditions.  It took us just less than two hours to get to the trailhead, which is why we don’t go there too often.  To our surprise there was  a trail runners event going on; 50km and 50 miles.  Had we known about this event we wouldn’t have come here. 😦  We’ve hiked during these events before and the trail is very crowded and the runners force us to step off trail very, very often.  That said, the runners and mountain bikers were all very nice and considerate, so it wasn’t quite like the last event we’d experienced.

The weather started out partially cloudy, with some nice areas of sun but Mt. Hood stayed obstructed the entire day.  However, we did see the snow covered base of Mt. Hood for much of the day!

Not thinking the weather would get bad we left our rain pants at home.  Silly us to think the weather wouldn’t get bad as the thunderstorms rolled in!  Luckily, the thunderstorms went around us, but it still dumped plenty of rain on the last half of the hike.  We had rain jackets but our pants were sopping wet, especially since the wet brush around the trail was unavoidable.  At the very end of the hike we were mostly in a white out, and I absolutely love this mood!

There were so many flowers blooming at this elevation and it created plenty of photo opportunities!  We also had a couple of great viewpoints overlooking the valley.  Such a beautiful area.

Being a late hike we stopped for Subway sandwiches on the way home.  Thankfully, our nylon pants dried out quickly and everything ended up well.  A funtastic day on Surveyor Ridge. 🙂

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