Bells Mt. Forest Road Area Hike

Hike Distance: 8.3 miles      Yearly Hike Distance: 962.0 miles

Elevation Gain: 1751 feet      Yearly Elevation Gain: 126327 feet

There’s plenty of forest roads to explore around the Bell’s Mt. Area.  I started out at the Moulton Falls Hantwick Road parking area and then headed up the road past the gate.  Although the road is rather rocky, and is tough on the ankles and knees, I didn’t have a difficult time on this hike. 🙂

I did see one other hiker on the main road that heads up to Bell’s Mt. but he just said hi and kept going.  I also was surprised to see a Washington DNR fire truck coming down the road, but, I figured they were preparing for the fire season?

At then of one of the spur roads I came to the end where there were plenty of views of the valley and also Mt. St. Helens!  It was so tranquil looking out and just gazing at the surrounding countryside.  That said, there was also plenty of clearcut logging seen. 😦   I also found a small quarry at the end of another road.

A rather warm and humid day but I took my time ascending and carried plenty of fluid.  The occasional breeze made my wet clothes feel quite cool and pleasant.  We’ll need to get used to this since summer begins in the coming days.