Beacon Rock State Park Loop Hike to Hamilton Mt. Saddle from Horse Camp

Hike Distance: 9.2 miles        Yearly Hike Distance: 1098.9 miles

Elevation Gain: 1799 feet      Yearly Elevation Gain: 146846 feet

So this was a clear hot day but we decided to head out to Beacon Rock State Park and parked at the horse camp.  We haven’t been here in a long time and really love the view from the saddle.

Hiking up the road we headed out toward Hardy Creek.  The water level was quite low but the creek is always beautiful!  We then took a turn that heads up toward the Hamilton Mt. summit, but stopped at the saddle, where the views are breathtaking.  We stopped and rested a while in a shady area at the north end of the saddle.  It was quite hot but we had plenty of fluid, but needed to rest after this large elevation gain.

After about 20 minutes we headed north on a rarely used road, toward the back end of the upper hardy creek trail.  We went over the horse bridge and headed around to complete this large loop.  The area on the west side of Hardy Creek is quite shady and the temperature was much cooler than out in the open.

We reached an intersection with the main road and then headed back to our car.  We didn’t see a single person the entire day and the solitude was magnificent! 🙂

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