PCT Trail Magic North into Indian Heaven Wilderness

Hike Distance: 8.3 miles      Yearly Hike Distance: 1333.3 miles

Elevation Gain: 1310 feet      Yearly Elevation Gain: 177313 feet

This opportunity for providing trail magic had us hiking north into Indian Heaven Wilderness. The weather couldn’t have been much better with sunny skies and cool temperatures in the 60’s!

Since we were hiking in the direction of the northbounders we were grateful to offload some of our treats on our outbound hike, and reduce our backpack weight. haha We met 9 thru-hikers during this outbound section, and six were at the permit station for Indian Heaven Wilderness. We hiked four miles north, from the NF-60 road, and the streams we crossed were dry but the lakes (Sheep and Green Lakes are more like small shallow ponds) still had some water in them.

We turned around at the southern flank, on the first switchback of Berry Mountain, where you first see a view of Red Mountain. I would have liked to gain more elevation, where the views are stellar, but we had to get back to our car and drive home.

Heading south, back to the TH, we were now hiking against the flow of the northbounders, and expected to see many more hikers. We were so fortunate to meet quite a few thru-hikers, whose destinations were Blue or Bear Lakes. We were able to empty most of the treats in our backpacks during this return hike, and it was so much fun!

After finally reaching NF-60, and our car, we noticed quite a few thru-hikers spending the night at the Crest Campground. We walked into the camp and again spread around some trail magic. There were a total of eight thru-hikers camping there for the night. Such a great group of people with so many stories. I would have loved to stay around and talk more but we had to get home. 

I have to say that all the hikers seemed in good spirits, and rightly so, since all the fires in Washington can now be bypassed.  This section of the PCT is probably getting close to the end of the season, and it’s sad when it comes to an end. However, we’ll remember meeting all the smiling faces, having a great time, on one of the most profound journeys of their lives! We’ll try to get out a couple more times, if possible, but will definitely look forward to providing Trail Magic to the class of 2019! Happy hiking everyone.