Forest Road Hike

Hike Distance: 8.6 miles         Yearly Hike Distance: 1404.9 miles

Elevation Gain: 1030 feet      Yearly Elevation Gain: 186061 feet

Whoa, what is this wet stuff falling from the sky, and in buckets!  We were well prepared for the heavy rain but the switching from rain to sun caused us to cook in our clothing.  Truthfully, it was so nice to watch the forest canopy and understory glistening with water.  I’m sure hoping this is the end to any fire chances as it was a horrible year that was filled with smoke.

At this point we’re visiting familiar forest roads that we’ve hiked before.  We tried to connect to a previous hike but found there was no way to get there and all roads terminated into lush forest.  We do find it fun to wind around the roads and see if the maps we have are complete.  We typically find that the maps are outdated and don’t contain many offshoot roads.

Definitely a nice hike and looking forward to more hikes in the rain.  A small note about the recent Cougar related death in Oregon.  It’s such a tragedy to hear about deaths caused by animal attacks and I feel for the family of the woman who lost her life.  We will never know the circumstances that caused this tragedy and it would probably be horrific! 😦

I also have some sympathy for the animals as the population of people in the Pacific Northwest has skyrocketed.  My wife and I are staying away from many hiking trails as they are being overrun with people trying to enjoy the outdoors.  I really don’t know how these issues can be resolved and I know the Forest Service, and other government groups, are trying to figure out ways to preserve all these beautiful places and satisfy peoples need to see them.  Definitely a tough set of issues to resolve, and the solution won’t  satisfy everyone. 😦

For the reasons above, that is why my wife and I go on the huge number of forest roads.  Many of them are abandoned, and there’s nobody on the roads for miles.  Other roads are being used for logging but the traffic is almost always light.  Even the more heavily used logging roads are devoid of hikers, runners and bikers.  That said, I would still take a hike on a real trail, over a forest road, almost any day of the week!  This is why we tend to go hiking on real trails during the bad weather, winter, work days and other off season times when people aren’t typically there. 🙂

We did see some bow hunters during this hike but they were all in their vehicles, and waived.  One hunter stopped and we had a nice conversation with him.  A very nice day to be hiking!