Milo McIver Oregon State Park Hike

Hike Distance: 8.8miles      Yearly Hike Distance: 1688.9miles

Elevation Gain: 1186 feet               Yearly Elevation Gain: 222119feet

We haven’t been to Milo McIver State Park for a long time, and it made sense to head out there, for a small family hike, on this beautiful day!  Another reason we wanted to go to a state park is that hunting isn’t allowed, and we didn’t want to be concerned about our safety!  This is another trail system that is so extensive that a complete description of the hike would be boring for most people.  Therefore, I’ve included another map of the hiking trails for this park.

We parked on the northeast side of the park near the Disc Golf Course.  There is quite the impressive Disc Golf Course for those that enjoy the sport!  So we started hiking northwest on the Riverbend Trail and make a loop around the Maple RidgeTrail.  This area is heavily forested and offers a very nice views of ponds.  There are also some steep areas that have stair-like steps with landings.  This section of our hike was about 3 miles in length.

We returned to our initial starting point so that we could take the southbound Vortex Loop toward the Bat Cave Loop Trail.  When we arrived at this intersection I was greeted by something buzzing me next to my ear.  I swatted what ever it was and it appeared to go away.  About a half mile later I felt the start of intense pain on my neck, and the pain was increasing greatly.  You guessed it I’m sure.  The buzzing insect I swatted was a yellow-jacket, and it had landed on my clothing and spent the next 15 minutes crawling towards my neck, where it nailed me!!!

I’ve only been stung once before in my life, about 15 years ago.  I was quite concerned about being allergic, as I’ve heard the second sting of a bee can bring about that reaction.  Thankfully, there was only intense electric like throbbing pain with no other symptoms.  I still took an Aleve and Benadryl to make sure my reaction would be minimized. 

So, I decided to continue the hike and we continued ascending to the Milo McIver Memorial Viewpoint.  The view from here was stellar, and we had outstanding views of Mt. Adams, Mt. Hood and the Clackamas River!  I took many pictures here. 🙂   We intersected the Rivermill Trail and continued southeast toward the Bat Trail Loop.

The Bat Trail Loop has some nice features to enjoy.  For one, there is a beautiful old barn that houses bats, but I believe it is off limits.  The bulk of the area within the loop is open field, and the trail is for equestrians.  You can also find apple trees on this trail, and my wife stopped to enjoy some along this route!

After completing this loop we made our way back to the car using the same trails we used on the way out.  Thankfully, the bee sting pain didn’t get any worse, but it still hurt!  I was also surprised that the Benadryl didn’t make me tired, at least until we got to the car,  haha  It was definitely the perfect day, minus the bee sting of course. 🙂