Frenchmen’s Bar Trail Hike

Hike Distance: 5.1 miles      Yearly Hike Distance: 1701.5 miles

Elevation Gain: 438 feet      Yearly Elevation Gain: 223754 feet

I digress before writing this trip report to vent a bit.  This past year has been a real challenge for health issues and I had hoped that I would be headed toward some better times, after finding out I had a severe iron deficiency, for probably five years.  I guess my hope that everything looked better has been met with resistance.  So, two nights ago, while lying in bed before bed, I started feeling a throbbing pain in my 2nd toe of my left foot.  The pain intensified greatly, and it pulsed painfully every 15-60 seconds for the entire night!!!  Needless to say, I didn’t get sleep. 😦  In the morning I was able to call my Podiatrist and get an appt. for 11am yesterday morning.  The diagnosis is either Morton’s Neuroma or possibly Capulitis (this can be very bad and require surgery) , but further testing would be necessary to make that diagnosis.  I opted for a cortisone shot, which has been working …..  for the most part.  Speed forward to this morning and I’ve decided to get a second opinion from a sports medicine orthopedist (that is rated very highly on that specializes in feet and ankles, from the Rebound Clinic.  I’ve had great success with sports medicine Orthopedists, that work with professional sports teams, to help me get through some difficult issues that have resulted from my extensive hiking.

So,  in the past couple weeks I’ve strained my chest from weightlifting, been stung by a yellow-jacket, have a new significant foot issue and gotten a urinary infection (requiring 30 days of antibiotics).  The good news is that the iron infusions and iron tablets I take have given me back my stamina and significantly increased my energy level! 🙂   One day at a time is the mantra, and enjoying what I/we have, is what we need to focus upon!  It could be much worse and all of these issues will be resolved with time.  Thankfully, we have excellent health insurance and live in a time when many issues can be corrected or improved. 🙂

And now on the the hike today at Frenchmen’s Bar.  I just wanted to get out and get some fresh air, and to assess if the cortisone shot was working well.  The Podiatrist said I could go hiking but that doesn’t mean it won’t hurt, but fortunately, I was feeling well while moving along at a snail’s pace. haha

It was a coolish day, in the mid-40’s, but the wind caused the temperature to feel biting.  I had to bundle up with extra accessories to feel comfortable.  Initially it was extremely hazy and clouded over.  At the end of the day the clouds cleared but there was an orange haze everywhere, and I found out it was due to smoke from the California fires!  The smoky air made for some exceptional sky coloration and I snapped tons of pictures.

All in all, a successful and fun day in the smoky air. 🙂


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