Moulton Falls Trail & Waterfalls Viewing Hike

Hike Distance: 7.9 miles      Yearly Hike Distance: 1802.3 miles

Elevation Gain: 562 feet      Yearly Elevation Gain: 232805 feet

For my last hike of November I decided that waterfalls were on the agenda.  My secondary objective was to reach 1800 miles for the year, so far.  I’m glad to say that both of my goals were reached and the hike was very fulfilling!

Rather than discussing the trail path I took, as it was contorted, I’ll delve into the major sights I visited.  I started by parking in the small lot located off of Lucia Falls Road.  The parking lot is within about 100 feet of Moulton Falls.  Moulton Falls looks more like rapids, but, the main drop is located in a slot which isn’t very visible from the location I was at.

After viewing Moulton Falls I took a small loop trail that provides spectacular views of the East Fork Lewis River and Yacolt Creek!  In the middle of this loop I visited Yacolt Creek Falls.  This falls is quite spectacular and can be seen from several viewpoints.  I took tons of pictures and some movies.  Sorry about not including movies but they take up a huge amount of space. 😦  The weather was very cloudy and on the cool side, but there was no rain.  The pictures I took reflected this mood.  The whole day it felt more like sunset was near and it was quite dark.

After completing this loop I headed out on a high bridge over the East Fork Lewis River and turned to try and get a view of Naked Falls.  I saw a small punch bowl falls but don’t think I got far enough upstream to see Naked Falls.  The pictures I took of the small punchbowl falls didn’t turn out well, as it was far away, so I didn’t include it in this trip report.

Once I was done with attempting to see Naked Falls I headed out west on the Moulton Trail.  I ended up hiking almost the entire 2.5 miles of this trail before turning around.  There were plenty of streams along the trail that I took pictures of.  All in all a very nice day.  It started raining very hard on my last 3/4 mile of hiking and my ride home was in a downpour.