Tamanous Trail to PCT Hike North Past Gillette Lake

Hike Distance: 7.3 miles      Yearly Hike Distance: 137.6 miles

Elevation Gain: 1421 feet      Yearly Elevation Gain: 17827 feet

I felt like taking a hike on the PCT and so we headed out to the Bonneville TH in WA!  We expected there to be plenty of hikers since it was going to be a nice day, and there were plenty of people.  This TH is also the parking lot for the Table Mt. hike.

We parked and headed up the Tamanous trail, which intersects the PCT in about 7/10 of a mile.  We turned left and headed north toward Gillette Lake, which was the initial goal.  If we had turned right then we could have gone to Bridge of the Gods in about 1.7 miles, which when crossed gets you to Oregon.

The nice thing about this area is that the trail has so many ups and downs, which is kind to our bodies.  As a result, there were no problems today!  Unfortunately, the sad part about this section is the large amount of clear cut areas.  Part of this section is on private land and logging is evidently allowed. 😦  Luckily, being winter the poison oak isn’t out.

There were plenty of people on the trail and they were all very nice.  We even met one girl that is thru-hiking this year, and we wished her well!  They had camped on the summit of Table Mt. the previous night.  I presume it was windy and cold up there?

We reached a road just above Gillette Lake and got fantastic view!  Looking toward the Gorge there were plenty of low clouds (or smoke), and it was very picturesque.  Looking north was beautiful Table Mt., and below us and off to the NW was opal colored Gillette Lake.  I remember handing out plenty of trail magic here, in past years!

Feeling pretty good, we continued north for another mile before turning around.  There is a gorgeous creek crossing, over a wood bridge, just past Gillette Lake.  I love the mood here!  We’ve seen many a thru-hiker stop and get water at this creek.  There is also plenty of camping sites in this area!  The terrain past the creek is very rocky and not much fun to walk through, but only lasts for about a half mile before entering forest.

We surprisingly moved very quickly back to our car.  It was sunny, at this point, but the wind had picked up.  Such a great time was had by all, and we got our PCT fix.  I’m so looking forward to summer when we can again provide trail magic! 🙂

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