Cazadero Trail Hike

Hike Distance: 6.2 miles      Yearly Hike Distance: 324.2 miles

Elevation Gain: 381 feet      Yearly Elevation Gain: 36266 feet

The Cazadero Trail is a six mile out-and-back trail located in Boring, OR.  It’s an old railroad bed that has been converted to a trail and is now used for hiking and biking.  On the surface the trail just seems like a walk bordered by trees and shrubs with some views of a creek.  What we like about it most is that a Natural Area is embedded along this trail and follows North Fork Deep Creek for about a 1/2-1 mile.  This nature trail is quite a gem, in our opinion.

The parking for the Cazadero Trail is not obvious, and is located next to a Shell Gas Station that is off Hwy OR212 near the SE Richey Rd. intersection.  Expect a rocky ride getting down to the parking area.  That said, the parking area has a nice board showing the trailhead.

The Cazadero Trail is gravelled and very level.  As you walk SW along the trail you’ll get views of Deep Creek, which is milky in color.  Continuing the walk will take you past a forested area (full of ivy) and you’ll get to views of the Mountain View Golf Course.  Continue walking and you’ll reach a sign for the Natural Area, and turn left to go along this nicely maintained area.  Views of North Fork Deep Creek are amazing, with overlooks and some paths down to the shoreline!

Wind around the natural area and part of the trail turns into a road, but continue on the road.  We saw some snow still lingering in this area!    You’ll eventually pop out onto the main Cazadero Trail, and turn left to continue SW.  There are some homes on the west side of the trail, which is not my favorite part of the trail.

You’ll continue walking and it will feel like you’re in a long corridor.  We saw plenty of people on this beautiful day, but everyone was very friendly. 🙂  When you finally reach the end of the trail it will feel like you’re in a corral, with a wood type fence around it.  There’s also a bench to sit and take a break.

At this point we turned around and headed back.  We turned back onto the Natural Area trail as it’s less crowded than the main trail.  Also, it’s about the only place to possibly take a pee away from the crowds.  Just be sure to stay far away (200 feet is the minimum distance) from the creek when taking a pee!!!!!

A nice change from our usual hikes and a perfect day for some fresh air!  We don’t come here often but it’s nice once in a while.  I prefer going in bad weather when there are no crowds.