VACATION DAY #2: Dungeness Recreation Area & Spit Trails Hike

Hike Distance: 7.8 miles      Yearly Hike Distance: 442.8 miles

Elevation Gain: 471 feet      Yearly Elevation Gain: 48244 feet

The second day of our vacation and the forecast is for nice weather, with some wind expected along the Dungeness Spit.  We decided to hike around the Dungeness Recreation area and also some distance along the Dungeness Spit.

The Dungeness Recreation Area has some great views of Olympic National Park but there are plenty of upscale homes around the periphery.  There are some nice views along the cliffs and plenty of opportunities for photos.  I really wasn’t too fond of the homes around the recreation area but the inland areas of this region are very nice.  The crowds were very sparse considering Washington State schools are on Spring Break!  We had no objection. 🙂

Dungeness Spit is just amazing with all the views! We could see Victoria, British Columbia.  We could also see Mt. Baker and Mt Rainier was in the distance!  The spit is also a photographers delight with endless views of the snow capped Olympic National Park.  I have to say my favorite view for this trip was that of the Dungeness Lighthouse with Mt. Baker in the background.  It just felt like a timeless view.

On our way out to the spit we took the Primitive Trail, which was devoid of people.  We were fortunate to see a family of deer along this trail, and we watched them forage for food.  I also took plenty of pictures!

We were out at high tide and there were many rocks to walk over on the spit.  We wore our hiking boots so that wasn’t much of a problem.  It must have been painful, though, for all the barefoot walkers?

My back was doing fine for most of the hike, except on the way back along the spit.  My right SI joint started having sharp spasms, and it concerned me greatly.  This was a much longer hike then I’ve been doing, so perhaps I’m pushing it too much?  The spasms tapered off on the remainder of the hike, and I took an Aleve to help relieve any swelling.

It was a spectacular day and the weather held out nicely, until it cooled down at the end of the day.  We met a nice guy named Rod (and his son), during the spit walk, and had a long talk!  It was nice to converse with someone our own age and discuss so many topics.  Perhaps we’ll meet again?

We had a fantastic day, but perhaps pushed the distance too far.  Unfortunately, this is vacation, and I refuse to hold back too much on the experiences because of my back.  I plan to continue my stretching and might take it a bit slower, but won’t let the pain slow us down.  I’m just hoping the pain I’m feeling is my body’s way of adjusting to the leg lifts?

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