VACATION DAY #3: Old Fort Townsend State Park Trails Hike

Hike Distance: 7.3 miles      Yearly Hike Distance: 450.1 miles

Elevation Gain: 1011 feet      Yearly Elevation Gain: 49255 feet


It was a last minute decision but great choice to visit Old Fort Townsend State Park.  I didn’t know this park existed until last night. The park isn’t open for the season yet and very few people were on the trails! This state park has a vast trail system that is mostly in the forest.  However, there is a single trail that goes down to the Port Townsend Bay, and the view is very impressive!

We parked close to the entrance and were only the 4th vehicle in here.  We started out on an interpretive trail, for old fort area, but not much remaining since it was only in operation from 1856-1895!  We got off the interpretive trail early, to take a trail down to the water.  As mentioned, the views of the Port Townsend Bay were spectacular and we could see Port Townsend from her.  There were also some nice cloud formations over the bay, and I took the opportunity to take many photos.

I won’t try to describe the path we took around the park but I can say that we hiked over 70% of all the trails, in a very convoluted way.  The trails are marked very well but you could easily get disoriented. Haha.   We did initially hike on the Bluff Trail and then around the periphery. The interior trails were walked in a haphazard way, just to make sure we covered most of them. The tallest Trillium I’ve ever seen were on the Trillium Trail!  We also passed by an old cemetery, which was quite spooky.  The bodies had been moved from this site, though. Note that I did include one of the signs that contained a map of the trail system, for your enjoyment.

We met some nice people, with their dogs, accessing the trail from the south side of the park, from a very upscale neighborhood (and are very expensive per Zillow). Evidently, the locals indicated that retired folks from California are inundating this area since it’s in the rain shadow of the Olympics and has a mild climate and plenty of sunny days.  You can definitely see the impact of the higher population that is moving here. 😦

My back felt much better on this third day of our vacation.  It was a pleasant surprise given the first two days had some issues.  Such a fantastic day with mostly nice weather.  A few sprinkles fell, later in the hike, but didn’t require rain wear.

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