Hantwick Road TH into Washington DNR Forest Roads Hike

Hike Distance: 7.4 miles       Yearly Hike Distance: 498.7 miles

Elevation Gain: 1361 feet      Yearly Elevation Gain: 55901 feet

What a crazy weathw day it was. Big cumulus clouds with intermittent drizzle and then turning to rain. I held off on putting on rain gear but had no choice later in the hike. The dark ominous clouds looked like thunderstorms but no thunder or lightening ever materialized.

This was a test hike to see how I’d do with a tougher hike and a bit more elevation gain, and on heavily graveled road. My lower back and body did very well and I’m gaining confidence for longer and more aggressive hikes. This is just in time for two hikes my son has planned for us next weekend! One will be 8-10 miles and 2000+ feet of elevation gain. The other is 8-9 miles with about 1000 feet of elevation gain. He is leading these two hikes with The Mountaineers group and wants to scope out the hikes before leading them with a group!

On with this hikes’ info. I was going to do a loop using the Washington DNR forest road, Bell’s mountain trail and Moulton Falls Trail. I ended up just hiking out and back on the forest road due to concerns about a possible turbulent and difficult water crossing. The recent rains has caused all the small streams to swell and they are more difficult to cross and I wasn’t willing to get my legs wet. Lewis River looked torrential when I viewed it during the drive here!

This will probably be the last time I see a forest around this road. 😦 Washington DNR has been planning to log this out for a while. They were going to also log the Moulton Creek trail but the public outcry has resulted in Clark County swapping land with DNR to keep that 3 mile trail pristine. The logging delay was due to rezoning and surveying of the land for this swap.

I really wanted solitude today, and that desire was granted. I saw NO people (or animals) during this hike. Hiking alone can be a bit spooky (sometimes) but I so love being a part of nature with no interference from other people. A great day to be outside in nature!

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