Battleground Lake State Park & Chelatchie Prairie Railroad Trail Hike


I hiked around the shoreline of Battle Ground Lake and looked for the changes made by all the heavy equipment I saw last week. It looks like all they did was install the pylons in the Lake and nothing more. At this point there’s a huge amount of area that’s blocked off by the orange tape. A huge number are people fishing from kayaks on the lake and along the shoreline.

I’m walking along the rim trail a Battle Ground Lake and not seeing any people, but there are plenty of Trillium along the way. A lot of older trees along this section of the trail. There’s also some benches and there’s no one here to enjoy them.   It would make a great resting area.

It’s a hot day today and I’m sweating but still enjoying the sun and warmth. I’m also starting to remember all the spider webs that will be going in my face and to put my hiking stick up to keep them off of me. It’s well worth it to put up with all this just to be outside in this beautiful park!

I’m thinking about my PCT hike this summer and wondering if I’m actually going to be able to go on it. I’m also skeptical as to whether I’ll be able to backpack with my son but we’ll have to just wait and see. Sure seems like the healing process for my back is going to take a long time and it’s actually not surprising given I’ve had an issue my entire adult life, and I’ve been experienced pain for six or seven years. Why would I ever think that it would go away in a few months after putting on leg lifts?

I’m on that chelatchie Prairie Trail now and there’s a ton of rabbits around here and I think it’s because this private landowner, that took down all these trees?

So I got done with the chelatchie railroad Trail and then decided to do the outer loop around Battle Ground Lake. Nobody is on this trail system for the most part. I’ve seen one small family and two groups of people on horseback. This has made for a really great day and fair amount of Solitude.

Getting a headache because I haven’t had much to drink. I started out by chugging 2/3 of a quart of water.   Beyond that I’ve had another quart of Powerade with me, but that’s obviously not enough in this heat. I’ll need to start carrying more water with me or bringing a filter with and using it on the trail.

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