Whipple Creek Regional Park Hike

Hike Distance: 6.0 miles      Yearly Hike Distance: 575.1 miles

Elevation Gain:  843 feet      Yearly Elevation Gain: 68246 feet

Today I saw Dr. Kaluza and had a great conversation. We had quite an extensive conversation but I won’t bore people with a lengthy discussion. In summary he thinks I can continue hiking as aggressively as I have since the leg lifts have made a big difference. He wants me to add 6 mm of height and then very quickly within a few days probably add another 1mm to make it 7 mm thick. I might need to go even thicker than that but he wants to assess that when I see him again. He basically said that my hip is still twisted and that he’d like to get me as quickly as possible to a point where I can backpack the Pacific Crest Trail. He did mention the possibility of other alternatives that could help get my hips to the correct location and with the right amount of rotation, but I didn’t need it yet. The one option he did mention was something called a Prolotherapy in which he injects saline and glucose directly into the SI joints to make them either more or less restrictive to rotation, which would help me in either hyper or hypo rotation of my hip, which is causing some of this problem . We also discussed shoe Styles and the amount of drop that is in many shoes. It turns out that you really don’t want to have too much drop in the shoe along with too much drop in the leg lifts I use or it will end up hurting my ankle. For that reason I might have to go to the shoe that has zero drop in order to keep from too much lift. So the bottom line is that he is is pleased with where things are going.   Beyond he has a goal to get me to the optimum place I need to be before the summer season starts. He doesn’t want me to adjust all my shoes just yet because he wants to first find out where I need to be. I have an appointment with him in a month to assess the situation and we’ll go from there.

Yes I’m going to Whipple Creek again. It’s a gorgeous day and there’s a nice breeze out which really helps when the temperature gets near 70. Very few people out here and just saw a couple people on horseback but the parking lot is mostly empty.

When I was little bit of a quandary these next couple days of hiking because I’m on the verge of hitting 14,000 miles of total mileage. The thing is is that I only need about 12 miles to get there and I would rather do it at a special location, as I mentioned on previous hike. As a result I’m keeping the hike short so that it will be easy to obtain the 14,000 miles add a trail of our choosing.

I eradicated another ivy vine from a tree, and this one climbed quite a ways up. I was able to get to the main vine shoot and a cut it like butter, as they’re so soft. It’s my goal to free up at least one tree every time I’m here. I know it’s not much but it’s more than anybody else is doing, at least that I see.

Well it’s finally not crowded this afternoon as I bumped into many people and talked to them about mostly hiking. In particular I met a woman named Cheryl, and we had a lengthy discussion. I also met a couple that was on a bike, that stopped and talked for a little bit, we also had a nice conversation. As a result of all the talking I have severely limited my speed of completing this hike. It’s quite pathetic at this point how long it’s taking me. It’s been an excellent day and I thoroughly enjoyed it, and the weather was just outstanding.

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