Frog Lake TH to Lower Twin Lakes via PCT

Hike Distance: 5.1 miles      Yearly Hike Distance:  633.4 miles

Elevation Gain: 801 feet      Yearly Elevation Gain: 75922 feet

This was a very warm day in the Portland/Vancouver area so we drove to a higher elevation to seek the cooler temperatures.  We thought, why not visit the Twin Lakes area and make a nice 8 mile loop.  I mean, the roads were clear and this was a great opportunity to go on the PCT.

We drove to the Frog Lake parking area.  We really didn’t know the status of the trail but soon found out.  Huge amounts of snow, on the trail, started almost immediately.  What’s more is that much of the trail was slick, and we didn’t bring our micro-spikes!  It was very slow going for the majority of the hike, and we abandoned the idea of a large loop around both of the Twin Lakes.  In fact, we almost abandoned going to even the Lower Twin Lake.

We finally got to the Lower Twin Lake and there were two groups of people camping.  The view of the lake was spectacular.  We were also surprised that the lake was about 90% covered in ice!  We took pictures and had a bite to eat and drink.  Heading back toward our car, we decided to take a turn and head north on the PCT.  We didn’t get far before the debris on the trail  convinced us to turn around.  We saw a few people on the way back to the car, but not the hoards of people expected on a beautiful weekend.

I would have loved to complete the larger loop but that wasn’t possible without micro-spikes.  Now that we know the snow level status, we’ll wait a month or so to return to the area.  A wonderful day in the Mt. Hood area!