Frenchmen’s Bar Area Hike

Hike Distance: 7.3 miles      Yearly Hike Distance: 500 miles

Elevation Gain: 308 feet      Yearly Elevation Gain: 10000 feet

Can’t believe how late I’ve gotten out but I definitely can’t drive very far today. I look up into the sky and surprisingly I see rain clouds. What a change from the nice weather we’ve had and actually I’m enjoying it. It’s a bit warm to wear rain clothes but this area isn’t very challenging and won’t make me work up a sweat.

I didn’t go hiking yesterday because of family obligations early in the evening and the fact that I felt like crap. It turns out that I had considerable chest pressure in my throat and  it hurt to swallow, and it appears to me that all the pollen that we had subjected ourselves to this past weekend probably came back to haunt me!

I made another visit to my orthopedist yesterday and it was mostly good. The only issue that seems to be happening now, with his leg lifts, is that my ankle is hurting me quite a bit on almost every hike.   He took an x-ray and found a little bit of a bone spur but he’s not certain if this would actually cause all the pain.   He’s having me go in for an MRI, as I’ve had this pain intermittently for a couple years.  Then we’ll be able to tell once and for all if this is an issue.   Another comment  Dr Chestnut made is that the inserts has basically evened out my hips, so I essentially have almost fully compensated for the short leg.   It’s taken about 5 months to get to this point, and he still expects it to take a while for my body to fully adapt.

I’m starting to think a lot more about the PCT hike that I’ll be going on in the relatively near future. I’ve been looking through webcams to see how much snow could possibly be in that vicinity and right now the depth is quite impressive. It will be difficult for me to go on the date that I have specified if there is too much snow along the section of the trail.   I basically applied for the same section hike permit as last year, and it’s from Ashland Oregon to Mount Adams.   I think I’m better armed with the tools of succeeding than I was last year and hopefully I will be able to get out there on time, and if nothing else, complete a portion of the trail that I haven’t done before.

I’ve finally made it to the beach and the Columbia river is still quite High but not as bad as I’ve seen it earlier in the year. The wind has also picked up and it’s been drizzling, but nothing significant. However I do see a lot of rain falling right across the river from me and clouds are definitely getting more ominous. I think I’ll have to put my rain hat on because this does look pretty nasty around me, otherwise I’m in full rain gear and was hoping for some rain to remove some of the humidity.

Along the beach the water in the Columbia River is low enough to get by the trees but not by very much.  I was able to walk North along the beach until I got to a point where I can make a loop.  No foot steps here except mine so I’m pretty much alone, which is great.  I found a rusting metal buoy, which stood out on the shoreline.  Where does some of this crap come from?

On the way back to my car my wife called and I decided to clear a trail that was very overgrown.  It’s a short trail that brings you back to the beach.  I have fun clearing these trails. 🙂  I got back to my car later than I wanted but was happy I made the effort to get outside.