Forest Road Hike with Holter Heart Monitor

Hike Distance: 11.2 miles      Yearly Hike Distance: 833.0 miles

Elevation Gain: 1736 feet      Yearly Elevation Gain: 101377 feet

The main goal of this hike was to exert myself, as much as possible, to make my heart work extra hard.  You see, today I’m wearing a Holter Monitor, which is essentially a 24 hour EKG test that looks for abnormal heart rhythms!  I’ve been feeling some odd heartbeats and one of my doctors recommended having it checked out for arrhythmias.

The day started out dry but then turned to drizzling.  I put on my rain gear, and the drizzling got stronger.  After a while it started raining very hard and stayed that way for about half the hike.  I actually loved it as the winds picked up and I stayed cool, which is great for a long hike!

I went to an area I’ve hiked before and did a large loop, but also added many long side roads to it.  I wasn’t really sure I’d go this far, but am pleased I stressed my body as much as possible.  The interesting thing about this hike is that I felt awesome.  Climbing the elevation was easy, and ever euphoric, and the distance wasn’t a problem.  Not even any significant, back or joint issues. 🙂  Quite unexpected since this was the longest hike I’ve been on in 6 months.

The mood outside was incredible and I took a few pictures.  I ended the hike strong, and hydrated, which usually isn’t the case.

I finished the 24 hour heart monitor and got the results that night.  The cardiologist was very reassuring and said I have NO arrhythmias.  I do have PVC’s and PAC’s, along with some double heart beats, but nothing that isn’t common and of little concern.  I wrote a journal of everything I felt and this verified that what I feel has no correlation to my heart! 🙂  My mind is definitely more at ease and I feel ready to backpack.



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