Hiking at Frenchman’s Bar in Vancouver Lake area

Hike Distance: 7.7 miles      Yearly Hike Distance: 907.4 miles

Elevation Gain: 455 feet      Yearly Elevation Gain: 113316 feet

Such a bad habit I have to get out late, which makes it impossible to go to the Oregon side of the river.   I was originally going to test my Salomon running shoes, for the PCT,  but my right foot no longer fits well into the shoe since I got the leg lifts.  I’ll just end up returning the shoes at REI which is where I bought them. 😦

Since I no longer have any time to break in running shoes from Pacific Crest Trail I will just be wearing my low up high top boots. They are very warm but they’re also extremely comfortable and a great fit, and I’ve never had any blisters or with them, and this is very important.   They also weigh quite a bit, but I’ve been used to this for the better part of seven to eight years.   I guess you can’t have everything you want and I’ll just have to make do with shoes that are comfortable but probably not the best fit for the Pacific Crest Trail!

Gorgeous day with some wind, which  is keeping it on the cooler side.   I parked at Vancouver Lake and took the Frenchman’s Bar Trail to Blurock Landing, and there’s access to the beach there.   I walked along the beach as far north as I could and had to turn around due to high water.  There’s an Osprey nest along this beach section and I stopped to watch them a bit.

I then walked back to Vancouver Lake and headed north on the North Trail.  Being under the canopy, it was much cooler and enjoyable.  There was a huge amount of Blackberry shoots and Stinging Nettle draped over the trail, so I spent some time cutting them back.  It’s always fun to give back to the trail!

A fantastic day and a pleasant temperature.  This area will get very busy when the Vancouver School District  starts the summer recess tomorrow.  I will try not to come here to avoid the crowds.