Devil’s Rest Failed Hike with Alternate Route Investigation

Hike Distance: 6.6 miles      Yearly Hike Distance: 972.0 miles

Elevation Gain: 1318 feet      Yearly Elevation Gain: 121510 feet

My son and I bumped into a gentleman on a previous hike to Devil’s Rest, a couple weeks ago.  He mentioned that he took an alternate route to get there, and that nobody was on the trail.  He mentioned how he got to the TH, and we noted this info for a future alternative hike to Devil’s Rest.  My son wanted to try this alternate route, and so we headed out there.

To begin, the road to this alternate TH was horrible.  In fact, it was on a cliff, and turned into a single lane road.  The road felt sketchy enough that we parked a few blocks before the intended destination, and it was on a cliff next to a big dropoff!  I’ll mention the spoiler now, instead of at the end of the trip report.  As we drove back home, along this one way road, another car came up it.  That car moved as close to the cliff as possible, and my son barely had room to get by.  Unfortunately, there was so little room that my son’s right tire went into the shallow wet drainage ditch and hit a log, that was dragged along the side of the car! 😦  Suffice it to say, the log scratched along the right door panels and popped out the front bumper guard.  Thankfully, the car is a Subaru Forester, and he easily got out of the ditch.  Kudos to my son for being so calm and cool about it, as it was the car’s first damage ever done. 🙂  We later found out that there was a better, and safer, road to get to this trailhead.  Ugh.

This hike didn’t go much better than the drive.  We walked up the road and the trail the guy mentioned wasn’t there.  We walked around an old abandoned road and found a very steep trail, and it appeared to go where we wanted.  This trail was also old and abandoned, but we followed it anyway.  It soon became an old overgrown and abandoned road.  The high point of this hike was the lack of people and the enormous amount of flowers.  The Daisies and Foxglove were in profusion, and beautiful!

There was a slight path that wormed through this old road, and there was also evidence of an old trail system that was long gone.  Shockingly, we bumped into two other hikers that were also here, Don Nelson and his friend Jeff.  We talked for a long while, and discussed the area.  Suffice it to say, the trail system here is long gone but there are some people that still enjoy getting out here.  We continued on this old road but the vegetation got so thick that we ended up turning around.

We ended going up another forest road, which may have gotten us to Devil’s Rest, but it was getting late and we had to turn around.  I would say that this area is definitely not for people looking for a nicely groomed trail with plenty of views.  All I can say is the man we met at Devil’s Rest made this seem like an easy alternate route to Devil’s Rest ….. and it’s not!  I’m sure we’ll come back here when the majority of the vegetation dies off, in the winter, but it’s too thick and with plenty of trip hazards.  However, for us, we enjoyed the adventure and like to explore other out of the ordinary hiking opportunities!