Backpacking Trip Around Timothy Lake, Oregon Day 1

Hike Distance: 6.5 miles      Yearly Hike Distance: 1033.4 miles

Elevation Gain: 431 feet      Yearly Elevation Gain: 129667 feet

This is day one with my son and I backpacking around Timothy Lake in Oregon.  We took Trail #528 clockwise, from the dam area, around to our campsite on the NE side of the lake, which is on the PCT.  Much of the trail was within the forest but there were views of Timothy lake to be had.  We stopped off at the Meditation Point camping area to get one of the great views!  All the camping sites were taken, so we were glad we didn’t choose this place to camp.

We had a nice discussion with three guys, at Meditation Point, took some pictures and then moved on.  Being on the west side of the lake, we saw increasingly more campsites as we hiked north.  Timothy Lake is typically very crowded in the summer, and it made sense on this gorgeous day in a beautiful place.  I know that at some point we will have a fantastic view of Mt. Hood, but probably tomorrow?

We continued hiking and were on the north side of the lake, and it was less crowded in some places, until we reached the campground.  Then it became noisy with plenty of barking dogs.  We crossed over a nice bridge at the inlet to Timothy Lake, and it’s very picturesque there!  It was just prior to this bridge that we had turned south onto the PCT.

Hiking south on the PCT we started to look for a camp site.  All camping on the PCT is dispersed and a self-issued permit is required.  After about one mile we found a beautiful camping area that wasn’t taken.  We were right next to the shoreline and our view was stellar. 🙂

We set up our camp and took our time making dinner, which primarily consisted of Idahoan mashed potatoes.  Since we hot to the campsite on the early side, we had plenty of time to talk, take pictures and just enjoy being here.  After a while a couple of woman were see walking on the PCT and we said hello!  They came over and we all introduced ourselves, and they indicated they were hiking Oregon and south bound.  Their names were Audrey and Stacy, and they didn’t yet have trail names.  We talked for a while, before they had to go, and they said our goodbyes.  We might meet again as I’ll be on the PCT shortly, to backpack the Three Sisters and Mt. Washington Wildernesses. 🙂

Being a clear night, it dark slowly.  It was enjoyable watching it get dark, but it was a bit nerve wracking to listen to all the noise from the campground across the water.  The worst part  was all the dog barking and yelping that didn’t seem to stop.  The dog owners kept yelling at the dogs to be quiet, but the dogs weren’t obviously trained very well.  Ugh.

All sounds went away and the night took over.  It was on the warm side and we used our quilts like bedspreads.  We tried falling asleep but it took a while before going into a shallow sleep-like state.  It will be an interesting night for sure, as I don’t sleep well in the outdoors.  Good night!

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