Beacon Rock Loop Hike

Hike Distance: 9.1 miles      Yearly Hike Distance: 1206.6 miles

Elevation Gain: 1868 feet      Yearly Elevation Gain: 157044 feet

Always nice to visit Beacon Rock State Park.  Our usual parking space is at the horse camp.  We essentially hiked up the road/trail directly to the Hamilton Mt. saddle.  This is where the best views are located, and today didn’t disappoint!  We sat and took a break in an area that wasn’t directly in the wind.

We then headed north on one of the road/trails until we reached the northern-most point of the Upper Hardy Creek trail.  These road/trails are all overgrown by weeds and grasses, with the occasional patch of Salmonberry.  That said, there is a bare area on these roads that allow you stay mostly out of the weeds.  My wife and I occasionally pruned back the overgrown plants, as we walked.  The real attraction of the Beacon Rock backcountry is the lack of people, and today was no exception.

We then headed south on the Upper Hardy Creek Trail until we reached the  Bridge Trail, which leads to the west side of the park.  We then continued south on this trail until we reached the road/trail that leads back to the car.

The tree canopy kept us very cool for most of the day.  We were, however, sweating profusely, on the initial climb up to the Hamilton Mt. saddle.  We saw a few snakes getting some sun but I never got my camera out quick enough.  We also got a glimpse of Mt. Hood, when on the north side of the saddle.  A truly wonderful day!

By the way, my back pain has been reduced by about 80-90% by the inserts in my right shoe.  I still occasionally have some pain, but it always goes away in short order.  The doctors don’t expect all pain to go away since I still have mild arthritis in my SI joints, but the improvement is so significantly improved that I don’t mind!  I’m so pleased that my SI (Sacro-iliac) back issue was addressed and owe a ton of gratitude to the Orthopedists that treated me. 🙂

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