Mount Talbert Nature Park Hike

Hike Distance: 6.8 miles      Yearly Hike Distance: 1399.6 miles

Elevation Gain: 1658 feet      Yearly Elevation Gain: 185280 feet

I had to run an errand in Portland so I decided to hike Mt. Talbert, since I haven’t been here in years.  I’m really averse to hiking in Oregon due to the heavy traffic that is now part of the metropolitan area, due to a huge influx of people moving here.  However, as long as I’m here I might as well enjoy one of the fine hikes in Portland!

When I got to the Mather Road parking area there was only one parking spot remaining, and I was happy to get it!  It definitely looked crowded, but the people were spread around the park, and it didn’t feel crowded. 🙂

It was such a beautiful day that I was prepared to stay out long enough to get a good workout.  I decided to hike all the trails at Mt. Talbert, although I didn’t know how far this would be.  I would describe my hike except that it was very haphazard.  Suffice it to say that I basically went around the park in a clockwise direction, and did all the side trails before moving to the next quadrant of the park.  As part of the trail system I also hiked to all the trailheads.

I was rather surprised that touching every trail in the park only resulted in only 6.8 miles, as the trail system feels big.  That said, there’s plenty of elevation in those miles for a good workout!  It turned out to be plenty of miles for me as I didn’t want to get out late.  And yes, the drive home was slow and long, and took over one hour. 😦

I can’t recommend this park enough.  The trails are well maintained but are definitely rocky in places.  I didn’t see any ivy and this was also a surprise.  This park is definitely a premium forest experience, and there are no significant views of the surrounding metropolitan area.  The only downside of this hike is that you can hear the I205 traffic, and other road traffic, throughout the park.  Also realize that dogs aren’t allowed in this nature park.  Oh, and the signage for the trail system is outstanding, with maps and directions at every intersection!


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