Frenchmen’s Bar Trail Hike & Beyond

Hike Distance: 7.3 miles      Yearly Hike Distance: 1475.9 miles

Elevation Gain: 261 feet      Yearly Elevation Gain: 193907 feet

I’m going to preface this hike trip report with a bit of a rant.   So I’m considering cutting back on my blog trip reports, at a minimum, and at a maximum I’ll be shutting down this site.  I constantly feel like I need to update this blog, and it’s seriously stressing me out.  I’m going hiking anywhere between 4-7 days per week, along with personal and family activities, and finding the down time for updating the blog is difficult.  I appreciate the people that are following my blog but there are only 19 people signed up after almost three years.  I tried letting people know about my site but it seems the interest level just isn’t there. 😦  I had noble intentions in setting up this site, but it’s just too much of a time sink to generate an exciting trip report when I go on 250+ hikes per year.

I always intended this blog to be something I could look back upon, and remember so many fond memories.  Having people following my blog was a secondary objective, and it’s my fault the number of followers is small.  I don’t solicit this website and most people I have told rather not follow me for the remainder of my goal, over the coarse of years or more than a decade.  I get it, and it would be impossible for me to follow other people on a regular basis without eventually losing interest.

My 25,000 mile goal is important and exciting to me, but I can’t go on new and amazing hikes just to generate trip reports to keep people interested, multiple times per week.  Since I’m not using this site for an income, I really need something else to motivate me often,  I’m somebody that really appreciates feedback, and I don’t get much, to stay motivated.  I don’t blame or expect this from anyone, but I’m losing money and time keeping up this site, without much interest by anyone else (including my family).  Again, I’ve never expected people to continuously pump me up, but I wouldn’t turn down a few likes (which unfortunately rarely happens).

Also, WordPress, the company that hosts my blog, shows me every visit to my site, and what pages are being visited.  Most people take a look at my Welcome Page and never come back.  I also have mostly blank days with no visits.  My most visited pages have to do with thru-hikers, from the PCT, visiting the page to look at themselves and re-live their glory days, but they don’t follow me.

At this point I have to weigh the time spent generating trip reports, that nobody looks at, with living my life to the fullest.  It sure doesn’t look like a tough decision when I re-read what I just wrote.  If there’s any feedback you might have I’m willing to listen?

So, on to this trip report.  At this point my goal it to reach a mileage that will take me under 10,000 miles remaining.  That should be this Saturday! 🙂  I parked at Frenchmen’s Bar and walked over to the inlet into Vancouver Lake.  I then walked south along Clark county property, where a faint trail exists.

This faint trail is typically used by owners with their dogs, but I only saw one such group today.  There is also a small loop into the grassy meadow, east of this path, which has been mowed for this purpose.

I spent most of my hike playing with my Osmo Pocket Gimbal, taking pictures and movies.  I have mounted a clamp on my backpack that holds this camera.  I use my smartphone, with bluetooth, to access all the features of this gimbal.  I’m getting the hang of this and will be able to utilize this on future hikes to get impressive panoramas and stabilized movies.  This camera is much better than using my smartphone, with a better feature set!

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