Frenchmen’s Bar Regional Park Hike

Hike Distance: 7.6 miles      Yearly Hike Distance: 46.1 miles

Elevation Gain: 395 feet      Yearly Elevation Gain: 5472 feet

An interesting progression of weather during the day.  I left the house and was greeted by a large amount of snow, that didn’t stick to the ground.  I arrived at Frenchmen’s Bar and it was starting to clear.  During the day I saw a large storm moving towards Portland, OR but don’t know if it rained or snowed, and, had plenty of sun and blue sky scattered throughout the end of the day!

Nothing special about this hike except that it was a beautiful day (if not a bit windy and cold) and I spent most of the time on the shoreline of the Columbia River.  The water level on the Columbia was quite high, but not flood stage.   There was very little shoreline, but I could still get where I wanted.

At the beginning of the hike I hiked on a trail segment along the road, and was greeted by huge swarms of birds (I believe Canadian Geese?).  I took plenty of pictures and enjoyed all the flight patterns.  It was amazing, except that I feared being crapped upon when they flew overhead.  Haha


Forest Road Hike

Hike Distance: 7.5 miles      Yearly Hike Distance: 38.5 miles

Elevation Gain: 1058 feet      Yearly Elevation Gain: 5077 feet

It was supposed to be wet and windy, but neither occurred!  We went to an area where the trees are small, or have been logged off, to avoid anything falling on us.  Not the prettiest area but we did see some sun, and even a rainbow! 🙂

Salmon Creek Greenway Family Hike

Hike Distance: 1.6 miles      Yearly Hike Distance: 31.0 miles

Elevation Gain: 55 feet      Yearly Elevation Gain: 4019 feet

Not the shortest hike I’ve been on but pretty close!  Rainy weather, but my son and daughter-in-law wanted to go on a short hike with the kids, and who am I to say no.  Salmon Creek Greenway was close to home and we went on a nice loop hike.

We visited the turtle pond (but only ducks present) and looped around a large field.  Salmon Creek was very high but not quite flood stage!  A Red-Tailed Hawk actually landed in a tree near us and started eating the mouse it had caught.  It was amazing to see but just not the best in front of the kids.  An enjoyable hike, with plenty of standing water for the kids to splash in.  Haha

Another Forest Road Hike

Hike Distance: 7.4 miles      Yearly Hike Distance: 14.5 miles

Elevation Gain: 955 feet      Yearly Elevation Gain: 2180 feet

A week has passed and I’m finally well enough to get out and do more hiking.  My wife is taking the remainder of the week off so we’ll get a few nice hikes in. 🙂  My energy level was fairly good and the cold fresh air was rejuvenating.  It snowed for part of the hike and it finally felt like winter was taking hold.  We got our late and we’re almost hiking in the dark.  No people seen all day!

Forest Road Hike

Hike Distance: 7.1 miles      Yearly Hike Distance: 7.1 miles

Elevation Gain: 1225 feet      Yearly Elevation Gain: 1225 feet

We just got back from our trip to Chicago and literally collapsed hours before New Years’.  The absolutely worst New Years’ celebration, hands down, but the funeral, along with being around family, wore us out completely!  We decided to go for a nice hike anyway.

I woke up on New Years’ day and was worn out.  I’d been fighting a sore throat and was quite tired, but we went anyway.  We decided to just head to a forest walk hike, that we had done before.  There was nothing spectacular about the hike except I mentioned to my wife that this felt like a death march!  I was that tired.  We couldn’t stay out long as we were signed up to watch our grandkids for the next several days, at our house.

I was actually glad when the hike ended since my energy level was nil.  The kids were dropped off, and at that time I asked my wife if I was hot, to which she answered, “yes”.  Turns out I had a low grade fever, but it was under 100.  I woke up the next day to find my fever climb to 102.2.  Ugh, no watching the kids for me, and I stayed out of the way.  Long story short, I went to Urgent Care after the kids left and tested positive for Influenza type B! 😦  I only had a fever for three days, but this flu wiped out my energy level for almost a week. 😦  A horrible start to the new year, but I’m glad this flu wasn’t too bad for me!  By the way, I had the flu shot!  I was told the flu shot lessened the impact of my symptoms. 🙂