Molalla River Recreation Corridor Hike from Hardy Creek TH

Hike Distance: 8.0 miles      Yearly Hike Distance: 157.4 miles

Elevation Gain: 1402 feet      Yearly Elevation Gain: 19753 feet

We thought snow might keep us from the Molalla area but it wasn’t an issue.  We go out to the Molalla Recreation Corridor, in Oregon, many times a year.  It’s a lesser used trail system with a huge number of trails.  We parked at the Hardy Creek TH, which is also used by equestrians.

The parking lot was quite full, but that said, there were only about seven vehicles, of which two were pulling trailers for horses.  We started out ascending the trail and turned right once we reached the Huckleberry Trail.  We continued to hike until we reached the bridge over Hardy Creek.  Hardy creek was roaring with water and we stopped to take pictures and admire the beauty!

We then turned back and headed south on the Huckleberry Trail.  My son realized he didn’t have one of his water bottles, so we went back to the car and loaded that into his backpack.  We then went up the Rim Trail and continued the ascent for at least a mile.  Along the way it started to hail small pellets on us.  It was cold but not enough to snow.  We saw what looked like snow on the ground but it was really piles of hail pellets.

We didn’t ascend up the entire Rim Trail because at some point there would be an area that tends to be very muddy, and has a bigger stream crossing.  I wanted to avoid that so we headed back down to the Huckleberry Trail and turned right to head south.  The trail system was very muddy but it was easily negotiated.  We hiked south until we had to turnaround, due to fading sunlight.  Along the way we saw Annie’s Cabin

On our way back north on the Huckleberry Trail we bumped into the only people we saw all day.  There was a couple of women on horseback, with two dogs.  We also saw a women with a pair of nice Greyhounds.  We got back to our car by 5:15pm, and there was still some light.  It’s so nice to see sunset getting later each day. 🙂  A wonderful day and a highly recommended place to visit.

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