Forest Road Hike

Hike Distance: 7.4 miles       Yearly Hike Distance: 801.4 miles

Elevation Gain: 1488 feet      Yearly Elevation Gain: 118232 feet

This out and back hike descended for the entirety of the way outbound.  Most of this day was under the forest canopy, which was great since we had a long climb back up the road.  At the end of the descent the road was covered with high grasses, which were very high.  If not for a vehicle having left tire tracks in the overgrown vegetation along the way, this portion of the hike wasn’t doable.

At the end of the descent we moved carefully through the tire tracks trying to avoid tripping on branches or getting scratched by the thorny blackberry bushes.  Normally, I would be concerned about Ticks, but we were covered in clothing treated with an Insect Shield treatment (permethrin), which worked flawlessly to keep these Lyme disease carrying parasites off of us!  I know it works as I’ve never had a Tick attached to me after wearing this clothing, and we frequent areas that have abundant Ticks.

Flowers were abundant in all of the open areas, but they did get somewhat lost in all the high grasses.  I included a photo of some beautiful Lupine that was spectacular.  We also noticed that the Salmonberry was bearing fruit.  These berries are edible but I don’t find them very tasty.  I’d rather wait for the Huckleberries and Blackberries to bear fruit, but that will be at least one month, or more, in the future.

The ascent back to the car was long, with about 1200 feet of elevation gain, but not terribly tough (we are on a road).  It was such a gorgeous day, and the breeze under the canopy cooled us off.  We were again fortunate to not see any people or vehicles. 🙂  A fantastic day.