Forest Road Hike

Hike Distance: 7.2 miles      Yearly Hike Distance: 808.6 miles

Elevation Gain: 1208 feet      Yearly Elevation Gain: 119440 feet

An overcast day with a bit of a wind, and thankfully, no rain.  The forecast included rain, but we never saw any.  However, it was drizzling on the way home, so we lucked out on our hike!

I wish I could make a trip report about a forest road more exciting, but that’s a tall task.  This is a nice area near our house, and we were looking to make this a short hike.  We explored some new roads and loved the beauty and solitude.  The new roads we explored had either a lot of debris, or were overgrown with tall grasses and other vegetation.

There were some nice views of the mountains but some of the clear cuts were not pretty.  We try our best not to be bummed out by the clear cuts but aren’t always successful.  We’re in the Pacific NW, so logging is just going to happen, and we can’t change that.  That said, we still see some beautiful places, and in general there are no people seen on any hike, and today was no exception!!! 🙂

The flowers were out in profusion, and it was wonderful.  Daisies, foxglove and Lupine both lined the roads and were in every clearing.  So many wonderful scents and plenty of sinus issues. ha ha  Flowers and new growth on all the trees and bushes always brighten our day, and therefore it was a great day!

We’re actually looking forward to a time when we can venture back into National Forest and Wildernesses, but we’re also not holding our breath.  It’s been about three months since we’ve seen any people close-up (within about 20-30 feet), and only a vaccine or effective (and available) treatment will likely bring us back to a public life.  We also haven’t even been inside any store or building in those three months, and have everything delivered.  Even purchasing gas is done late at night, when the pumps are empty, and only with gloves and disinfectant.  We know this will eventually pass but it couldn’t come too soon.  We wish you all a safe journey through this mess!

We had a long vacation, to Yellowstone National Park, planned this summer, but that is being cancelled due to the current situation.  Being a bit optimistic, we have actually re-scheduled this vacation for next summer, and hope all will work out.  Yes, we’ve put our lives on temporary hold, but will continue to plan like everthing will be all right. 🙂

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