Forest Road Hike

2020 Hike #: 171

Hike Distance: 7.7 miles

Elevation Gain: 762 feet

Yearly Hike Distance: 1304.5 miles

Yearly Elevation Gain: 193836 feet

We didn’t get out hiking the past four days as I was recovering from a cortisone shot to my upper right bicep. It turns out I have a propensity to getting calcific tendonitis, on some regular basis, at this location. If you’ve never had calcific tendonitis, then be very thankful. The first time I was diagnosed with this ailment I told my wife that the pain is excruciating, and completely debilitating. Of course, she didn’t believe me, and I can’t say I blamed her. As bad luck would have it, my wife happened to get a similar diagnosis just two weeks after me. Long story short, she said the pain was worse than giving birth to any of our children!

What happens is that hard calcium is deposited in the tendons, or joint, of the afflicted area. It basically feels like razor blades have been placed in the inflamed area, and any movement generates horrendous pain that can’t be ignored, and pain killers did nothing for us. My orthopedist breaks up the calcium deposits by extending a long syringe, filled with cortisone, repeatedly through the area, using an ultrasound machine to make sure he’s treated the entire area. Relief is almost instantaneous, and after several days of rest, I’ve been able to restart light exercise. I’ll need to avoid weightlifting for about 2-3 weeks to avoid possibly damaging the muscle/tendon group, but it’s no big deal. We’re so thankful that this ailment can be treated! Can you imagine how this would have destroyed a person’s life in the days when no effective treatment was possible. 😦

Today passed a milestone towards my lifetime goal of hiking around the circumference of the earth. I have completed enough miles to exceed over two-thirds of my goal. πŸ™‚ It’s been one heck of a journey, and I’m hoping to look forward to the remaining one-third of this goal. At this point, our only goal is to get through this pandemic without losing our lives or compromising our health. We wish everyone a safe journey through these tough times!

Today’s hike was in an area we’ve visited many times before. There wasn’t much different today than on other summer days, except it’s now hunting season. We’re now wearing our Blaze Orange gear so that we’re highly visible to hunters. It’s currently bow/crossbow season and we’ve never had any previous difficulties or felt our safety was at risk. In the past, the hunters we’ve seen have been responsible and courteous, and there’s no reason to believe this season will be different. Besides, we go hiking in late morning and the afternoon, which we understand isn’t the best time of day for hunting. We also stay on the main trails and roads, and don’t venture off into the forest, brush or high grasses. Be safe out there!

The main event of the day was to photograph the flowers that are still blooming. I know the names of very few flowers, but still find it a joy to take photos of them. Maybe some of you know the names of them?

A fine warm day and great to be back in the fresh air.

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